February 8, 1997

Philadelphia, Pa. — Duke Communications, a Williamsburg, Virginia based business telephone systems sales and service company today won an award from Bell Atlantic.

The awards ceremony was part of a “Dealer Kickoff” meeting that attracted more than a dozen companies like Duke Communications, from locations ranging from New Jersey to Virginia.

The award, for “Achieving more than 100% of Objective” was accepted by G. T. “Duke” Diggs, President and CEO of Duke Communications.

Diggs said his company represents Bell Atlantic in the sale of network services which includes business telephone lines, high-speed ISDN and T-1 Internet lines and other services.

Diggs said his company is proud of its affiliation with Bell Atlantic. “We have represented Bell Atlantic for about 15 years,” he said. Participation in Bell Atlantic’s Authorized Distributor Program allows his company to act as a one-stop shop, said Diggs.

“A customer can call us, and we can place their business phone line order with Bell Atlantic, then return and install the line and telephones, all with only a single phone call from the customer to us,” Diggs said.