By the end of 1996, the former Duke Communications, Inc. had grown to over 1,200 customer accounts. These included three hospitals, several large industrial operations, and dozens of other businesses of nearly every variety.

In response to a need for more capital to fuel the growth, Duke Communications, Inc. decided to merge with Richmond, Virginia based Property Technologies, Ltd., a much larger firm. This merger was completed in January of 1997, giving customers access to a regional company with services covering the entire United States. But, along with the merger came philosophical differences of opinion regarding levels of service to give customers. (Not to mention PTL’s missed payments and their ultimate Bankruptcy.)

As a result of PTL’s failure, the founder and the original management of the former Duke Communications, Inc. has re-grouped and resumed service to the Williamsburg, Virginia area. Effective October of 2000 the name Duke Communications began being used to identify a service-oriented business unit of Colonial Telecommunications, Inc. and is not connected with the former Property Technologies in any way.

Thus the Duke name has once again become synonymous with excellent customer service. Ownership of the reformed company is now 100% locally held by the original Duke Communications founders.